From monumental to tiny

Photography/ Drawing/ Sculpture

Monumental sculpture project

Stele 2023

Limoges porcelain and gold. Platinum on the back of the sculpture

Edition 1/12. Limited edition of 12 copies

Production: Forma porcelain Limoges Height 18 cm, polished stainless steelmirror 14 cm  

The Stele 2023 sculpture comes from a visit to the Buddhist site of Longmen in 2015, see pinhole cameras and memorable charcoal drawings.  

 As part of the Adagpphotography of worksgrant, the videos are by Pierre Dimech, the editing by Céleste Pigeau.  

 This sculpture is presented in The terminal in Saint Cyr sur Loire fromSeptember 12 to October 12, 2023. The terminal is a traveling microarchitecture in the Center - Val de Loire region. Poctb

* These sculptures as Akade autel 2021, Amulet 2021, Stele 2023 were designedas part of the Transmission France / China 2021-2023 project, a collaboration between the CCE research laboratory of ENSA Limoges, under the direction of Michel Paysant and Hong Lie Qiu of the Phoenix Porcelain Sculpting Institute in Dehua, China. This project promotes dialogue between cultures and know-how.

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